PEP小学英语五年级下册《Unit2 My Favourite Season》课件

发布于:2021-06-23 01:17:12

My favourite season Quick eye to remember words(快眼记词) cold cool hot warm spring summer autumn winter Which season do you like best? Why? Listen and read(听读) Question: Today we’ll_________________. A. Sing a song B.draw the seasons. Read in the group (小组朗读) Act in the group(小组表演) Read and number(读一读,给句子排 序) (1 )Which season doyou like bes t,Mike? ( 5 )Yes,it is. ( 3 )I like snow,too. Which season doyou like best, Wu Yifan? ( 2 )Winter. I like snow. ( 4 )Spring. It’s pretty. To protect the environment Everybody is responsible for. 保护环境,人人有责